2019-06-10 | v0.9.2

  • updated get_tags so that it uses untagged tag for hours that were not tagged and should more than one tag be used per event the hours are then split evenly between the tags

2019-06-10 | v0.9.1

  • updated internal pdf template to add <br> tag only if there is an event description before any parsed tags are displayed.

2019-06-04 | v0.9.0

  • display tags from event summaries in PDF reports

2019-05-04 | v0.8.0

  • added support for X-WR-TIMEZONE - thanks William Buick for the report and the patch
  • switched to semantic versioning

2019-03-30 | v0.7.0

  • refactored the code base so that it is more generic (no more client, project, tag) include and exclude patterns
  • exclude patterns now can be used for filtering
  • new internal pdf report
  • tracklr pdf –report {ls, tag} can be now used to choose between ls and tag report in pdf format
  • documentation updates

2019-03-02 | v0.6.0

  • added tracklr tag command
  • new default pdf html template
  • added sorting of html report

2019-02-24 | v0.5.0

  • added tracklr show command to display information about tracklr configuration
  • more flexible calendar configuration options for simpler setup

2019-02-23 | v0.4.0

  • added tracklr init {config,template} command so that users can create tracklr.yml and pdf.html either in current working directory or in user config directory.
  • fixed title/subtitle in ls and pdf commands
  • renamed timesheet to report
  • refactored config and pdf template to be loaded first from local dir, then user config dir or locally from Tracklr demo ie. defaults
  • one version setting via Tracklr.__version__ to rule them all

2019-02-22 | v0.3.0

  • finished off imlpementation to support multiple calendars
  • updated documentation

2019-02-20 | v0.2.0

  • tracklr.yml config changed; users can use multiple calendars. See docs for details.
  • Fixed missing DESCRIPTION in events. Thanks Ivan Müller for the report.

2019-02-09 | v0.1.0

  • Initial version