2020-01-05 | v1.3.1

  • Changed pdf command implementation from tag to group.
  • Replace _ with space in default PDF HTML template.
  • Updated tracking docs.

2020-01-05 | v1.3.0

  • DEPRECATED tag command.
  • NEW group command allows to group by any key defaulting to # ie. by default group command provides the same behaviour as the old tag command.

2020-01-04 | v1.2.0

  • Added ability to specify html template file for pdf reports so that other than pdf.html templates can be used.

2020-01-04 | v1.1.3

  • split Tracklr’s get_parser to get_base_parser so that init and info commands can use --kalendar, --title and --subtitle args only ie. base args shared among all commands. This also fixes init command not working.

2020-01-01 | v1.1.2

  • fixed make report command
  • fixed title retrieval for pdf command
  • updated PDF report for docs

2020-01-01 | v1.1.1

  • removed dependency on pyfiglet
  • fixed vdir not found exception handling
  • fixed Info command
  • fixed entrypoint for the new info command

2020-01-01 | v1.1.0

  • show command is now info
  • all commands now use new tracklr info banner
  • added simple vdir object that provides list and get functions ie. removed dependency on khal
  • changed package classifiers and added tracklr v1.0.1 to pypi

2019-12-30 | v1.0.1

  • changed vdir location handling so that ~/ is expanded to full path ie. ~/.calendars/… locations can now be used in the config
  • added handler for when the given location of vdir does not exist

2019-12-27 | v1.0.0

  • added vdir support using Khal’s Vdir class.
  • DEPRECATED url option in the config. Use location for either URLs or vdir paths.
  • DEPRECATED x_wr_timezone option in the config. Use timezone and either set it to True for X-WR-TIMEZONE feeds (eg. Google Calendar), or specify your feed’s timzone manually. Eg. Pacific/Auckland.

2019-12-24 | v0.9.5

  • configuration can be now also stored in .tracklr.yml file
  • added tracklr banner and version number to show command
  • documented addition of images to HTML templates for PDF reports

2019-11-20 | v0.9.4

  • added Number of events to ls log info output

2019-06-10 | v0.9.3

  • fix for event filter; abort filtering if there is no summary info in event

2019-06-10 | v0.9.2

  • tag parser now also includes all untagged hours using #untagged tag
  • if more than one tag is used per event the hours are then split evenly between the tags

2019-06-10 | v0.9.1

  • updated internal pdf template to add <br> tag only if there is an event description before any parsed tags are displayed.

2019-06-04 | v0.9.0

  • display tags from event summaries in PDF reports

2019-05-04 | v0.8.0

  • added support for X-WR-TIMEZONE - thanks William Buick for the report and the patch
  • switched to semantic versioning

2019-03-30 | v0.7.0

  • refactored the code base so that it is more generic (no more client, project, tag) include and exclude patterns
  • exclude patterns now can be used for filtering
  • new internal pdf report
  • tracklr pdf –report {ls, tag} can be now used to choose between ls and tag report in pdf format
  • documentation updates

2019-03-02 | v0.6.0

  • added tracklr tag command
  • new default pdf html template
  • added sorting of html report

2019-02-24 | v0.5.0

  • added tracklr show command to display information about tracklr configuration
  • more flexible calendar configuration options for simpler setup

2019-02-23 | v0.4.0

  • added tracklr init {config,template} command so that users can create tracklr.yml and pdf.html either in current working directory or in user config directory.
  • fixed title/subtitle in ls and pdf commands
  • renamed timesheet to report
  • refactored config and pdf template to be loaded first from local dir, then user config dir or locally from Tracklr demo ie. defaults
  • one version setting via Tracklr.__version__ to rule them all

2019-02-22 | v0.3.0

  • finished off imlpementation to support multiple calendars
  • updated documentation

2019-02-20 | v0.2.0

  • tracklr.yml config changed; users can use multiple calendars. See docs for details.
  • Fixed missing DESCRIPTION in events. Thanks Ivan Müller for the report.

2019-02-09 | v0.1.0

  • Initial version