The core idea behind Tracklr is to use iCalendar feeds for time tracking and focus management.

To be able to filter calendar events into meaningful reports one should find their way to provide meaning to data.

Here are few examples of tracking styles.

The following is Objectives and Key Results style of how you can label your calendar entries:

  • @KeepLearnin - use @ to identify objectives.

  • #Read12Books - use # to identify key results.

  • +read a book - use + to define actions that achieve a key result.

  • *read a book - use * to mark actions as done so that you can measure progress.

For business reporting you can use the following style:

  • @Customer_Ltd - use @ to identify customers.

  • #INITIATIVE_X - use # to identify initiatives done for a customer.

For use cases when one calendar is shared by multiple users:

  • !JB - use ! to identify who a calendar entry relates to.

Also see Philosophy, Usage and Calendar Setups information.