tracklr -h or tracklr --help displays usage page.

Adding --debug option helps to debug issues during development.

tracklr ls --help or tracklr pdf --help displays help pages for available commands.


tracklr ls lists all events in calendar and provides total number of hours tracked in the calendar.


tracklr ls
Total hours: 4.0
| Date       | Summary  | Description                                                    | Hours |
| 2019-02-09 | @Tracklr | Worked on initial version of |   4.0 |

More examples:

# show only 2019 events
tracklr ls -d 2019

# show only 2019-02 events
tracklr ls -d 2019-02

# show only 2019 @tracklr events
tracklr ls -d 2019 -i @tracklr

# show only 2019 `other` calendar @project events
tracklr ls -d 2019 -k other -i @project

# show all 2019 events from `calendar` for @client's +project that matches #tag
tracklr ls -d 2019 -k calendar -i @client +project "#tag"

# show all March 2019 events without the ones matching #tags tag
tracklr ls -d 2019-03 -x "#tags"


tracklr tag creates reports of hours spend on #tagged events.


tracklr tag -i @tra tra "#tags"
Tracklr - Command-line Productivity Toolset
Total hours: 1.0
| Tag  | Hours |
| tags |   1.0 |


tracklr pdf creates PDF report which displays date, description and hours.


# generate 2019 @tracklr PDF report
tracklr pdf -d 2019 -i @tracklr

See example file here: report.pdf.


tracklr init {config,template} allows users to create tracklr.yml and pdf.html either in the current working directory ie. where tracklr looks for these first, or into so called user config directory eg. on Linux at ~/.config/tracklr/.

tracklr looks for tracklr.yml and pdf.html firstly in the current working directory and then in user config directory, or falls back to defaults.

By default tracklr uses its own configuration stored in Tracklr.__config__.

For PDF reports tracklr uses by default its own HTML template in tracklr.pdf.Pdf.__template.


# init tracklr.yml in current working dir
tracklr init config

# init pdf.html in user config dir
tracklr init template --user-config-dir


tracklr show displays information about itself.